Crime Scene Halloween Costume Ideas

Written by kimberly kilmer
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Crime Scene Halloween Costume Ideas
Use your imagination to design a crime scene costume for Halloween. (Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images)

When it comes to designing or finding Halloween costumes, creativity is certainly a favoured trait. Take a simple crime scene-related approach and devise a costume using obvious items such as chalk lines or crime scene tape. An alternative option involves a scientific approach to designing a more intricate costume based on the many elements of crime scene investigation. Either approach will provide you with creative choices for your crime scene-inspired Halloween.

Crime Scene Outline

Don clothes that are all black from head to toe. Include a black ski-style mask that covers your face and hair except for your eyes, nose and mouth. Once dressed, have someone help you apply 2-inch-wide white duct tape to your clothes along the entire outline of your body. Start by sticking the end of the tape to the sole of your right shoe so you can continue the tape up the outside of your leg and torso. Extend the tape along the upper and lower portions of your arm, including the hand and fingers, up across your shoulder and over the centre of the top of your head. Complete the outline by continuing the same path down the left side of your body, ending on the sole of your left shoe. Add a second length of tape running from the sole of one shoe along the entire inside seam of your trousers, ending on the sole of the opposite shoe. You'll be ready to attend any costume party as the iconic white chalk outline found at murder scenes.

Become the Crime Scene

Dress to depict an entire crime scene. Secure items typically found at a crime scene to your clothing. Hide a ring in a torn coat lining and glue on a broken fake fingernail, the odd piece of fibre, brightly coloured stand of hair or anything else likely to be found as evidence at a crime scene. Hang an open wallet, empty handbag or broken cell phone from fishing wire attached to the costume. Add dirt to your hair by using hair freeze products to adhere small tea-stained cotton balls to mimic dirt.

Purposely chip fingernail polish or use brown eye shadow or red powder blush to make your nails look as if they have dirt or dried blood under them. Wear an old pair of shoes with the soles clumped with dirt or with red paint to mimic blood.

Have a partner join you as the crime scene investigator, with finger print kits, pieces of crime tape or a toy microscope attached to street clothes to form the costume. Get creative. Your personal crime scene is the product of your imagination.

Crime Scene Tape

Lean toward the obvious by breaking out a roll of crime scene tape to make your costume. Wear street clothes and use the tape as a sash, worn beauty pageant style. Before you dress, slash your clothing in a few places and apply red fabric paint to the edges of each slash to resemble wounds found at a crime scene. Wear the clothes and the sash along with make-up to make you appear pale or bloody. Tease your hair or make it stiff with hair products. Apply temporary red spray in some spots to look as if you have dried blood in your hair. Crime scene tape is available from a variety of Internet vendors and novelty stores.

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