Easy tealight candle holder craft projects

Updated April 17, 2017

You don't have to spend a fortune to display inexpensive tea light candles. Before you throw away items, consider creative ways you could use them to make candle holders. Repurposing garbage will give you an excuse to bond with your children while crafting and help you downsize the carbon footprint, or impact on the planet your family is leaving.

Aluminium cans

Reuse clean aluminium cans by cutting the top 2/3 of the can off and keeping the bottom portion to make a tea light candle holder. Select designed hole punches with hearts, flowers, leaves and butterflies or use a plain hole punch to randomly punch designs into the can. Grab your favourite colour spray paint and paint the tea light holder. After it dries you will be ready to display your newest candle holder.

Fruits and vegetables

In less than an hour you can make a festive tablescape out of fruits, vegetables and tea light candles which will wow your friends and family. Use apples and mini-pumpkins or oranges which have been sliced to sit flat on a table. Trace the tea light on top of the fruit or vegetable then cut the circle out. The top edge of the candle should be flush with the top of the fruit. You can float the apples in water or arrange the pumpkins and oranges around the tabletop.


One extremely kid-friendly project is decorating a baby food jar with napkins or tissue paper. Make an adhesive by mixing equal portions of white glue and water. Paint your jar with the glue mixture and wrap the container with the tissue paper. Or cut small fairies, hearts or other shapes out of tissue paper and apply them to the jar. You can overlap the cutouts or randomly place them on the container.

Sweets (candy) in a jar

Use your unscented tea lights with the sweets (candy) in a jar tea light holder. Wash out an old glass jar like a pickle or olive jar and fill it with individually wrapped hard sweets (candies): cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint or butterscotch would all work. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar and press a tea light candle into the unwrapped sweets (candy). When you light the candle, it will warm the sweets (candy) surrounding it, releasing the wonderful smell of the sweets (candy).


Help visitors find your door on a cold winter night by lining the walkway with tea light candles which have been place inside ice candle holders. Fill water balloons halfway with water. Blow air into the balloon, tie it and place it in the freezer. After it has frozen you can pop and peal away the balloon. You will be left with a small circular ice candle holder. The air you blew into the balloon will have created an indent where your tea light can set.


One of the easiest tea light candle holder crafts to make is a painted ramekin. All you need is some acrylic paint, paint brushes, ramekins and your imagination. Begin painting designs, shapes and fanciful creatures on the ramekin. If you're making them for Christmas, make reindeer, Christmas trees, gifts or Santa Claus. For Mother's Day consider drawing floral designs and a short painted message like "You're the best mom ever."

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