Interior Organizing Ideas for a Work Van

Updated February 21, 2017

Organise your work van to make your workday more efficient. If your job requires numerous tools, bolts, screws and large items, designating a specific area inside the van for each item will make everything much easier to find. When you arrive at your next job, you will not have to search for the items and tools you need to perform the job because you took the time to organise.


Install pegboard on the walls in your work van. Select hooks and baskets for the pegboard. Place small items such as screws and bolts in the pegboard baskets. Hang and organise hand tools on the pegboard hooks. This keeps your work tools organised and allows you to access them without having to search through your work van to find items.

Plastic Storage Bins

Store items such as rope, twine and work materials in plastic storage bins. Designate a storage bin for a specific work item and label it. This allows you to find the items you need without having to search for them and organises your work van. Plastic storage bins will not cause damage to the interior of your work van, while metal bins can leave scratches.


Hang different sized shelving on the interior walls of your work van. Decide what items you wish to store on the shelves and place them on it. Secure the items with a string tied to a hook on each end of the shelf. This prevents your items from falling off your shelf while you are driving.

PVC Pipe

Place long, thin work materials such as metal poles in a piece of PVC pipe. PVC pipe works well to store long, thin items and keeps them from accidentally bending or breaking. When you purchase your PVC pipe, purchase end caps to enclose each end of the pipe. This prevents your items from slipping out of the pipe while you are driving.

Hooks and String

Screw large hooks into the ceiling of your work van. Place the hooks apart according to the size of the items being stored on the hooks. Hang your large work items such as brooms and small ladders on the hooks and secure with a string. Tie the string to one hook, around the item and to the other hook. This prevents the items from falling while you are driving your work van. This option creates more floor space in your van.

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