Inexpensive 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Updated November 22, 2016

A party is usually in order when someone turns 50 years old, but that does not mean the party needs to break the bank. Everyone can still have a fun and memorable time at an inexpensive 50th birthday party. Remember, it is more about honouring the guest of honour than expensive venues, decorations and food.


Using humour as the basis for your 50th birthday party can be inexpensive and entertaining for everyone attending. The "Over the Hill" theme is so common that decorations can be found at any discount store, or simply make your own signs and banners using black, silver and gold paint and glitter. Add black, gold and silver balloons and crepe paper streamers to create a festive atmosphere. Or put on a roast of the birthday person, with guests sharing anecdotes and funny stories about the birthday person. Borrow funny photos of the birthday person taken at different stages of his life, put together a slide show, or show old movies and videos of events with the person in them. Munchies, finger foods, a pot luck or buffet will keep costs low.


Get photographs of the birthday person from family, friends and co-workers. Make photocopies, which are inexpensive, and frame some using low-cost frames from discount stores or yard sales. Make a large photo collage from the photos to display at the party with balloon bouquets attached to the display. Mount some of the photocopied photos on stiff paper or lightweight cardboard and hang them from the ceiling. If the birthday person has had a variety of interests or hobbies throughout his life, include items reflecting those interests as your decorations.

Theme Party

There are many themes that fit well, and are inexpensive to do, for a 50th birthday party, such as tropical, movies, 1960s or Western themes. Particularly if you host the party at your home, backyard or a place you are a member of that offers venue use to the members, like a church or club. Make as much of the decorations yourself that you can using poster board, paints, glitter, streamers and balloons. Get your ideas for your homemade decorations from the abundant birthday websites on the Internet. Make your own invitations or use downloaded invitations from the Internet. Enlist friends to help with making food items, making the party a potluck affair. Your potluck can be appetizers, finger foods or an assortment of buffet dishes.

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