Mcafee & windows defender conflicts

Updated July 20, 2017

Running Windows Defender and 2009 McAfee products at the same time can cause PC errors. Windows Defender is spyware scanning software that comes preinstalled on Windows Vista and 7. While it is possible to run two anti-spyware programs simultaneously, the installation of McAfee's VirusScan has been known to conflict with Windows Defender when installed on the Windows Vista operating system.

VirusScan Disables Windows Defender

McAfee's VirusScan conflicts with Defender because the former also has an anti-spyware program. Windows Vista's Internet security suite includes Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. McAfee VirusScan is security software that also an anti-spyware and antivirus program. It comes with its own firewall protection and rates trusted websites listed on search engines. These two applications protect your computer from threats, viruses and malware. The installation of McAfee VirusScan disables Windows Defender and makes it inaccessible. Additionally, it creates error codes and blocks Internet access when you attempt to browse the web and scan e-mail attachments.

Error Code 0x800106ba

This most common error code you will see is 0x800106ba. According to McAfee Support, this error appears when an application fails to initialise. Whatever you were doing stops and a pop-up prompts you to restart your computer or search help and support for the error. This error appears after restarting and will continue to pop up every time you turn on your computer until Defender is turned off. McAfee Support provides steps to disable Windows Defender and prevent this pop-up from appearing.

Slow Computer Performance

Running Windows Defender and McAfee VirusScan software at the same time will take up some of your system's resources. It also generates pop-ups regarding information on new updates and errors. These issues can slow down your PC when VirusScan and Defender attempt to scan simultaneously. According to McAfee, its 2009 products can slow down Vista and result in Defender being disabled to improve your computer's performance.

Uninstalling McAfee VirusScan Software

Many users have a difficult time trying to uninstall McAfee VirusScan from their computer when Windows Defender is running. McAfee VirusScan can leave files on your computer even after you remove it using Add/Remove Programs. Vista's Windows Internet Security suite will continue to disable Defender and block some websites. According to Microsoft, your PC will identify VirusScan as your antivirus protection if there are traces of the software in your program files. Consult McAfee's service centre for a step-by-step guide on how to completely remove the software from your computer before running Windows Defender.

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