The best paint colors to complement medium oak woodwork

Written by lane cummings | 13/05/2017
The best paint colors to complement medium oak woodwork
Medium oak has a colour that resembles the exterior of almonds. (Chris Stein/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

While most shades of regular oak have blondish hue, medium oak has a darker colour. Medium oaks have a richer colour, a combination of numerous warm shades of light brown, red and golden orange, producing a final colour that resembles the outside of an almond. Selecting paint colours for medium oak woodwork should be a pleasure as several colours complement this remarkable shade.


Even though medium oak wood is made up of a palette of different colours, one of the main colours of that palette is brown. Thus, you can paint the surrounding walls or woodwork around medium oak woodwork any shade of brown, and it will effortlessly complement the natural wood tones. For example, you can go for a more understated look and use a lighter brown like cafe au lait or sand, or you can go bolder with colours like chocolate brown or coffee brown for a more dramatic effect. Brown is a shade that can look striking without looking dreary.

Reds and Oranges

What makes medium oak wood such a suitable shade of wood for interiors is that it has such a warm welcoming colour. Part of what makes the hue of the wood seem so warm is the presence of red tones to the colour. Accentuate this by painting the surrounding walls and selecting pieces of furniture in tones of red, orange or bronze. For example, reddish colours mixed with brown, like sienna, complement the medium oak naturally, or daring colours like cherry red or copper give the room a degree of vibrancy while looking harmonious with the medium oak.

Yellows and Creams

Medium oak wood has a diverse colour palette; one of the colours that this palette includes to a tiny degree is the colour gold. Emphasise this golden quality of the wood by selecting any shade of yellow to delicately complement the medium oak shade. For example, light yellows like butter yellow or satin yellow keep the room looking light and airy yet spotlight the golden aspects of the wood. More drastic shades of yellow, like mustard yellow or lemon yellow, keep the room looking lively while bringing out the golden tones of the medium oak.

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