Ideas for sunroom curtains

Updated February 21, 2017

In a sunroom the natural light from the windows is the showpiece. As you plan curtains, examine ways that you can add privacy without restricting the flow of the light into the room. Choose materials that will contribute to the decor of the room and maintain an open, airy feeling.


Make the most of the light in a sunroom and add a bit of privacy by using sheer curtains; even during the day, you can close the curtains to increase protection without cutting off the light. Because sheer curtains do not block the line of vision, they will not close off the room when they are shut. Look for pale curtains that will reflect natural light and create an airy, open feeling in the sunroom. If you use the sunroom during the evening, include a second, opaque layer that can be moved independently of the sheer layer so that you can close them at night for full privacy. You can also use sheer scarves draped over the curtain rod for an easy, inexpensive valance.

Antique Lace

To create a play of shadows and light in your sunroom, look for antique lace or eyelet curtains. Even with a solid colour, the sun will highlight the texture and the design pattern, casting similar shadows on the walls of the room. Look for material in a white or cream colour, and be aware that even a small amount can make a big statement. If you are not worried about privacy in your sunroom, install lace or eyelet curtains only on the top of the window so the sun will stream through the openings.

Half Blinds

Use half blinds in a sunroom to enable you to hide the room from outside view without closing off the entire window and blocking the light. Install blinds so that they cover all but the top part of the window; on very tall windows, install the blinds just above head level. The open part above the blind will let in the light, and you can pull down the blind for privacy. Use blinds made of pale, natural materials, which will glow in the natural light without the institutional feeling of standard white blinds.

White Cotton

In a sunroom, the windows and the natural light are the main features. When you want to use curtains that make the most of the light but provide an opaque window covering, use white cotton or linen curtains. Because of the light material, you can easily gather the curtains at the side of the window where they will let the light through and create a warm glow. This type of material can complement a sunroom that is decorated in a rustic or a country-style decor.

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