Adult Wizard of Oz Party Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether planning a Wizard of Oz Halloween party or a get-together for adults, have several ideas ready to make your party a success. From the yellow brick road to the red ruby slippers, create a variety of exciting decorations, games and crafty party ideas. Bring this 1939 movie back to life with a memorable Wizard of Oz adult party for you and your guests.


Have all party guests dress up as a character from the movie. When you send out the invitations, either assign each person a specific character or let them choose. However, if you let them choose you must coordinate all costumes so you will not have two lions or five tin men. Guests can dress up as Dorothy, the good witch, bad witch, coroner, lion, tin man, scarecrow or the munchkins. Having guests dress in character will put everyone in the Wizard of Oz mood for the party.


Wizard of Oz party supplies are available at most party supply stores and online. Use yellow butcher paper to make a walkway from the street into your home or you can paint the sidewalk with yellow sidewalk paint. Allow the yellow paper to come all the way into the party area. Create large lollipops by stapling the paper plates together and covering them with coloured cellophane. Attach to a wooden dowel and place around the party area for decoration. Create centrepieces by putting a plush Yorkie in a brown basket for "Toto" or just put a pair of red ruby slippers on each table. Make a large banner to hang on the front door that says, "Welcome to the Land of Oz."


Play "Lucky legs" by placing several striped stockings through a cardboard box. Cut the stockings in half to create two separate stocking legs. Stuff newspaper into each leg and stick it through a hole in the cardboard box. Attach the number one or two on the end of the stocking you cannot see and on some write "Sorry no winner." Make two boxes that say "one" and "'two." In each box place prizes, such as bottles of wine, restaurant gift cards or small candle sets. If a player selects a stocking that says one, she will select a prize from the "one" prize box.

Have a costume contest for all guests who dress up, and award a prize to the funniest, scariest and best costume.

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