Onkyo A-15 Specifications

Written by jeff kaleth | 13/05/2017
Onkyo A-15 Specifications
Home audio amplifiers (stereo seperates image by Nicemonkey from Fotolia.com)

The Onkyo A-15 is a vintage integrated dual super servo audio amplifier. It is a slimline model with a silver face. The A-15 is equipped with a single STK463 output chip which powers the stereo channels. Manufactured from 1979 to 1982, it's no longer sold as new. Controls for everything but source and volume are located under a front door that swings down. The A-15 was sold to be used with the T-15 analogue tuner and the T-25 digital tuner. It also has VU meters to monitor the output signal.

Power Specifications

  1. Power supply: AC 220v at 50Hz, AC 120v at 60Hz

  2. Output: 30 watts per channel


  1. Dimensions: 16.5 inches by 3 inches by 11 inches

  2. Weight: 6.4kg or 6.67kg


The manufacturer's suggested retail price at the time of manufacture was £117; the unit can be purchased used for as low as £20 as of October 2010.



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