Luggage weight limits for international flights

Updated April 17, 2017

Luggage weight limits for international flights are determined according to destination, flight class and cost. Although carrying several similarities, luggage weight restrictions vary depending on the airline. Before travelling on an international flight, it is advised that you research the luggage weight requirements and where possible, pack less.

American Airlines

American Airlines enforces the guidelines that checked baggage to Canada, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands may weigh up to 50 Ibs or 23 kilograms. Any item of luggage greater than 22.7kg would carry a charge per piece of overweight luggage. To Asian destinations, any luggage more than 50 Ibs is subject to an overweight fine, with the fee increasing with certain weights, and baggage greater than 100 Ibs or 45 kilograms will not be allowed on board and cannot be checked in. Passengers travelling to South American countries such as Brazil can carry on a maximum weight of 70Ibs or 32 kilograms without charge. However for Europe, 50 Ibs and less are cost-free, however luggage over 50 Ibs but less than 70 Ibs has a fee. Luggage greater than 31.8 Kilogram and above are unacceptable. Each passenger on American Airlines has an allowance of 10 pieces of luggage.

British Airways

British Airways regulates checked baggage where each bag must weigh 50 Ibs or less and the permitted number of bags per passenger is nine. Luggage for destinations to and from South America and the Middle East has weight limits between 22.7 and 31.8 Kilogram. Carry-on luggage must weigh no more than 40 Ibs or 18 kilograms. For passengers flying coach or economy classes, they must pay for anything more than 50 Ibs. For travel to or from Brazil, luggage must be 70 Ibs or less and is free of charge.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is another international carrier which has weight restrictions regarding checked luggage. Bags must weigh 50 Ibs or less. For travel between the United States and Brazil, passengers can check two bags free of charge, so long as they are 31.8kg or less. For all other international flights outside the U.S., Canada or Europe, passengers may check two bags free of charge as long as they meet Delta's weight and size restrictions.

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