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Updated February 21, 2017

Multi-vitamins and other vitamin supplements help people include more of certain vitamins in their diets. They are especially helpful to people with poor diets who don't get enough of the healthy vitamins and minerals that their bodies need. According to reviews of multivitamins, some vitamins may be misleading and contain more or less of the amount of vitamins listed on the label. You should choose a vitamin from a reputable company.


One-A-Day is one of the most recognisable multivitamin brands on the market today. They provide several multivitamins, each with a different formula that benefis people of different ages and genders. One-A-Day Women's ranked highest in's independent testing of multivitamins for premenopausal women and also performed well in the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) multivitamin tests in 2008. One of the reasons that One-A-Day is among the best vitamin companies is that it products contain low concentrations of lead. FDA guidelines state that 75-micrograms of lead is a safe daily exposure for adult women. While many vitamins contain dangerously toxic levels of lead, One-A-Day only has 0.513-micrograms of lead in a single serving.


General Nutrition Centers (GNC) is a health and fitness store found in many malls. The company produces a variety of supplements and vitamins. Their Mega Men Multivitamin ranked highest in's independent testing of 45 different men's multivitamins because it contains a healthy balance of important vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium and folic acid. GNC also produces multivitamins for women and children, as well as supplements for vitamins A through Z. Other supplements offered by GNC include those for joint health, amino acids, omegas and longevity factors.

Flintstones Vitamins

Many children can be picky eaters and may not get the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth. Children's vitamins are especially essential to a children's diets because they supply healthy levels of vitamins and minerals. If you are searching for a children's vitamins, Flintstones vitamins may be the best choice for your growing child. Among other children's multivitamins tested by, Flintstones Gummies ranked highest and is the only vitamin that exceeds the FDA's tolerable level of Vitamin A. Flintstones vitamins also contain low levels of lead and clearly list all ingredients on the label.

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