Easy, Funny Homemade Costume Ideas

Written by jessica reed
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Easy, Funny Homemade Costume Ideas
Scare up some Halloween treats with a funny homemade costume. (Full House Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Costume parties give you a chance to break away from the ordinary and create a hilarious, original costume that people will remember you by. Instead of buying a cheaply made costume from the store and risking someone else showing up in the same thing, create a costume at home. Compared to a store-bought costume, a homemade version is often cheaper, usually fits better and shows off your sense of humour.

Download Pirate

The act of illegally downloading music and movies over the Internet is referred to as "pirating" the items. Put a new, humorous twist on the traditional pirate costume by dressing as an illegal download pirate for Halloween. Wear a white button-up shirt, with ruffled sleeves if you have one, and a pair of tight black trousers. Add a large belt and a pair of boots. Instead of a sword, brandish a computer mouse. Tape CDs labelled "Illegal Downloads" to your shirt, or purchase a large pirate's hat and stick one of your CDs on it. If you're feeling especially geeky, decorate your shirt with 1s and 0s to represent computer code.


Disease costumes make an interesting conversation topic at any party. The Huffington Post suggests a costume take on the swine flu. Dress up as a pig, and add accessories such as a box of tissue, a thermometer or even an icepack on your head. As another take on this costume, use a bird costume to represent avian flu, instead of swine flu. If you don't have a specific disease in mind, dress up as a bacteria. All you'll need is a plain coloured T-shirt with matching coloured trousers and some art supplies. Attach large pom-poms, pieces of yarn and any other accessories to make yourself look like a life-size version of a microscopic bacteria. Even if your representation isn't very realistic, it's doubtful anyone will call you out on it.

Scientific Theory

Fans of the show "The Big Bang Theory" might recall when Sheldon, one of the main characters, dressed as the Doppler effect for a Halloween party. For a witty and funny costume that will leave people scratching their heads, try a similar idea by picking a scientific theory or phenomenon and creating a costume to represent it. One option would be to go as the natural phenomenon of gravity. Dress all in black, since gravity is not a visible force, and carry around a soft foam ball to throw at people. When they ask what you're doing, tell them it's gravity at work. For a less dramatic costume idea, consider a theory such as string theory. Cover your outfit in tiny pieces of yarn or string, and start shaking whenever someone asks what you're supposed to be. Tell them you're representing the vibration of microscopic strings.

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