Easy homemade easter gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

Making homemade gifts for friends and family members is a thoughtful way to celebrate Easter. Create easy gifts using craft items, baked goods and your artistic talents. Customise the gifts according the recipients' favourite colours, designs and flavours as a special touch. Kids can make personalised Easter gifts for their friends and teachers.

Candy Topiary Tree

A pastel-hued topiary tree filled with egg-shaped chocolates looks impressive but is easy to make. Start by gluing a round styrofoam ball to the top of a foot-long wooden dowel to create the topiary base. Paint a medium-sized terra cotta plant pot with a coat or two of robin's egg blue, light pink or grass green craft paint. Use letter-shaped stencils and a contrasting paint colour to write "Happy Easter" on the pot. Fill the pot with plaster and insert the other end of the dowel into it before it sets. Sprinkle the top of the wet plaster with plastic Easter grass. Gather colourful, foil-wrapped Easter egg-shaped chocolates. Insert one end of toothpick into a chocolate and the other into the styrofoam ball; completely cover the ball with the candies. Tie a bow onto the dowel for a decorative touch.

Carrot-Inspired Goody Bags

Create handmade Easter goody bags resembling vibrant orange carrots. Treat Easter dinner guests to the candy-filled bags as sweet party favours. Fill plastic baggies with Easter-inspired sweets such as jelly beans or pastel-hued candy-covered almonds. To construct a goody bag, fold bright orange paper or a cloth napkin in half to create a rectangle. Fold one corner of the napkin up to form a triangular shape, and place a treat-filled baggie in the opposite corner. Roll the napkin up at an angle to form a carrot shape. Gather the top of the napkin and tie it with a green ribbon. Insert green pipe cleaners into the ribbon to resemble a carrot's top.

Easter Cookies

When you're looking for a tasty and easy Easter gift idea, treat a friend or loved one to a batch of decorative Easter cookies. Make a batch of sugar cookie dough or buy it pre-made for convenience. Form the dough into spring-inspired shapes, such as rabbits, carrots, eggs, birds, chicks and flowers, by rolling it flat and using cookie cutters. Decorate the cookies with decadent pastel-hued frosting. Enhance the frosting with candy-coloured decorator's frosting, icing and small pieces of candy, such as jelly beans and gumballs. Present the cookies in a decorative tin or an Easter basket.

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