The Different Types of Ceiling Cladding

Updated April 17, 2017

Ceiling cladding is a great way to add character and texture to a room. In addition to traditional wood panelling, you can also get watertight PVC plastic cladding that's ideally suited for bathrooms. A huge variety of manufacturers and designs are available, but they all fall into only a few major categories.

PVC Planks

PVC plastic planks simulate the look of wood planks but are watertight and do not require any maintenance. PVC panelling will not fade, and it does not need to be painted. A variety of shades and colours are available. The panels lock together along the edges like traditional wood panels. Different styles of joints are available that can either hide the edges of the panels or highlight them with either a groove or a contrasting line to give a tiled or panelled look. You can install the PVC panels over bare gypsum wallboard, plaster, or other pre-existing ceiling covering.

PVC Tiles

Instead of long planks, you can also get PVC plastic cladding in tiles. When the tiles are put together, the seams between the tiles are hidden. A wide variety of tile designs are available. They can be grooved so that the final pattern resembles a plank ceiling, or they can look like ceramic tiles, stone, or any of the other many designs that are available from different manufacturers. If you find a design you like, PVC tiles are an easy way to cover your ceiling without the labour of painting or maintenance.

Wood Paneling

As convenient as PVC is, it will never look quite like real wood panelling. Wood panels fit together with a tongue and groove on each side of the plank, just like PVC panels. The price and look will both depend on the kind of wood you use and how you finish it. Every type of tree has a different look and feel to its wood. The options that are available to you will depend on what kinds of wood are available in your area, unless you want to have the materials shipped to you. You can paint wood planks or stain them to keep a natural look.

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