Sleepover party ideas for 13-year-olds

Updated November 21, 2016

From late night gossip with friends to movies and popcorn, many 13-year-old girls love having sleepovers for their birthday. Planning a 13th slumber party for your daughter can be exciting and challenging at the same. Carefully planning several activities and special food and decorations will help you create a memorable sleepover party for your 13-year-old child.

Party Area

Create the slumber party area by moving all couches and furniture out of the way to make a large, empty space. If the girls are going to watch movies, the room should have a TV. Hang white, purple or blue Christmas lights around the party area to use for lighting. Change regular white light bulbs to purple, pink, red or black light bulbs. Put a night light in the bathroom for late night rest room trips. Decorate the party area with the birthday guest of honor's favourite colour balloons and streamers.


Put out several bowls of snacks, such as cubed cheese, chicken nuggets, sliced breadsticks, pizza bites, slices of mozzarella cheese, and miniature cocktail wieners. Give each party guest a skewer and let her create her own party snack food kebab. For a late night snack, make a cereal line buffet. Put out big bowls of several different types of cereals. Give each girl a bowl and let her go down the cereal buffet adding all the types of cereals she wants in her bowl. Have large gallons of milk at the end of the table. You can also serve individual bags of popcorn, candy, nuts, pretzels and marshmallows as snacks. The party guests can snack on these items while watching movies.


Have a glow-in-the-dark treasure hunt by hiding several items that glow in the dark in the backyard. Plastic glow-in-the-dark items are available at many party supply stores and online. Give each guest a party favour bag to collect items. The guest who finds the most items wins the game.

Another game is to let the girls select a partner and give each other crazy hairstyles. Give the girls 15 minutes do one another's hair. Give each pair hairbands, ponytail holders, spray-on hair dye, brushes and clips. Award prizes to the craziest, funniest and scariest hairstyles.

Since most teen girls love to dance and sing, have a sing/dance contest. Divide the girls into teams of three or four. Let each group pick a song. Give the girls a variety of music to select from, as well as microphones.The groups have 20 minutes to prepare their performance. Award prizes to the group with the best performance. For game winners, award iTunes gift cards, bath sets and hair accessories.

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