Boss GT-6 Tips

Updated April 17, 2017

The Boss GT-6 multi-effects guitar processor is a pedal board effect modulator created to be used in conjunction with an electric guitar and amplifier. The Boss GT-6 can modify the tone and sound waves of the guitar before amplification and create a plethora of different sounds for the guitarist to practice or perform with.

30 Amplifier Simulators

The Boss GT-6 has 30 amplifier simulators, including the industry's most sought after modern amps like the Mesa Boogie Road King, as well as some classics like the Marshall 100. Cycle through all different amplifiers instead of just finding one to tweak with the many options. Every amplifier is adjustable with the many effects on the processor, so it is best to start with a strong foundation. Play each amplifier simulator for a few minutes and pick a favourite before altering any amplifier sounds.

340 Programs

The GT-6 has 340 programs built in to adjust or distort sound to your preferences. The GT-6 can run as many, or as few, of these programs you want at the same time as well. Try a multiple combination of a few different sounds at one time on what ever amp you chose. Remember that you can add programs as well as remove them and that if you already have several on the processor at once, you can scroll through them and remove them in any order, not just the order you turned them on.

Saved Profiles

After adjusting and tweaking all the different amplifiers and sounds to reach the most desired sound, the GT-6 processor may be running up to 20 different simultaneous effects with dozens of settings on the individual effects like intensity or volume. It may be difficult to remember each and every setting on the processor it took to reach that perfect sound, so the processor can save sound profiles of any tone you create. The GT-6 has 10 on-board save slots for the tones. You can clear the slots to make room for new tones as well.

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