Easyjet Carry-On Luggage Rules

easyJet allows you the choice of stowing your carry-on luggage inside the overhead lockers once aboard the plane, or beneath your seat, towards the front. Passengers must observe certain carry-on luggage regulations, which the carrier enforces. Following these particular rules helps avoid the need to dispose of certain items or pay the added cost of "hold luggage," or luggage you must check in.

Amount of Luggage

easyJet regulations allow each ticket holder to bring only one piece of carry-on luggage onto the plane. easyJet considers a purse, laptop, laptop bag, or briefcase your one piece of carry-on luggage. For example, if you carry both a laptop and a briefcase, you may carry only one of these onto the plane and pay a fee to place the other in the hold. Avoid the extra fee and place one of the items inside of the other to create one piece of luggage to carry aboard the plane.

In addition to the one piece of carry-on luggage, a passenger is also allowed to carry on either an overcoat, umbrella or shawl. One standard-size bag of goods purchased from the departure airport can also be carried aboard the plane.

Size Limits

The dimensions of the one piece of luggage carried onto the plane cannot exceed 56 by 45 by 25cm. This measurement includes wheels and pockets. Before the passenger boards the plane, this luggage must fit, without being forced, into the luggage gauge bins at the check-in or departure gates. Although easyJet places no weight restrictions on the luggage, the passenger must be able to safely fit the luggage into the overhead storage without requiring any assistance from members of the flight crew. Oversized bags require placement into the hold, which adds an additional fee.

Contents Rules

easyJet allows liquids aboard the plane if those liquids meet certain conditions. The definition of liquids used by easyJet has wide parameters and includes lipstick, lip balm, hand cream and deodorant, among other items. Check with the airline to receive clarity on any items that easyJet may classify as a liquid. Liquids must meet the following conditions: the liquid is in a container with a maximum volume of 100ml and all liquid containers that satisfy the maximum volume requirement must fit comfortably into a transparent and resealable 1-liter plastic bag. The maximum measurements of this plastic bag cannot exceed 20 by 20cm. Passengers must remove this plastic bag from the carry-on luggage and display it to airport security.

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