How Kids 11-12 Years Old Can Make Money

Written by james bisson | 13/05/2017
How Kids 11-12 Years Old Can Make Money
Operating a lemonade stand can make children a little pocket change. (cold lemonade image by Kathy Burns from

Children about to become teenagers may have a tough time finding a job, since most places won't hire people that young. An 11- or 12-year-old can still make money through other channels.


Children can make modest earnings by setting up their own enterprise, like a lemonade stand. A parent can help the child with initial expenses and set-up, while the child is left in charge of setting a price and selling the lemonade. Selling off old toys or belongings in a family garage sale is another way to make money.


A child looking into a moneymaking venture should consider how much time and effort she wants to put into it. In the case of a garage sale, little effort is required, aside from choosing what to sell and for how much. A lemonade stand requires more preparation, but has the potential to be more lucrative in the long run.


Whichever path a child chooses in his effort to make money, he is sure to learn some valuable lessons along the way. A lemonade stand or similar plan can provide children with an introduction to business concepts like supply and demand and profit margin. Selling off goods at a garage sale can provide insight into how to value materials, as well as the art of negotiation.

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