What shirts go with a grey suit?

Updated April 17, 2017

Grey is the combination of two of the most classic shades in the spectrum: white and black. There are several shades of grey to choose from, including charcoal, slate and ash grey. Grey suits work well on men and women alike, and project an air of professionalism and elegance that make them appropriate for work and formal functions, according to the Men's Fashion Authority. Several colours of shirts go handsomely with grey suits.


The easiest and safest shirt to pair with a grey suit is one that's white. A timeless choice for any suit, wearing a white shirt gives the impression of a crisp and clean simplicity, and it matches all shades of grey. White shirts with grey suits are also great for job interviews, since the colour combination is professional, but less harsh than a black suit.


Blue shirts are another classic choice to pair with a grey suit. From cerulean to teal, most shades of a blue shirt add life to a grey suit, and work well for highlighting the professional or formal aspects of it. While the colour blue is often associated with sadness, when worn in the business world, it can project loyalty, stability and confidence.


Pink is the colour of romance, but when paired with a grey suit, it adds a fashionable and contemporary touch, notes Men's Fashion Authority. Pink can add flirty, tranquil and modern aspects to a grey suit, and may work better in less formal work environments. While women are usually associated with the colour pink, it also makes a good choice for men who want to add a fashion-forward aspect to their business attire.


When pairing a yellow shirt with a grey suit, choose a dark grey shade such as charcoal. Yellow is a bright, happy colour, and can positively affect a person's mood. Yellow in the business world can translate into optimism, idealism and intelligence, or cowardice and weakness, depending on the work environment. With that in mind, it may be a more appropriate colour for less conservative workplaces.

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