Best haircuts for a 50 year old with fine & thin hair

Updated April 17, 2017

There is a difference between fine and thin air. Fine hair refers to diameter of each hair on your hear. Thin hair refers to the number of strands of hair on your head. Some men and women struggle with thinning hair as they age. Thinning hair that is also fine can become a challenge to style. Rather than spending money on products that offer promises to thicken your hair, you can choose a haircut that will add fullness to your hair, diminish the fine appearance and flatter your face.

Layered Bob

A layered bob combines the classic bob with layers. This haircut about chin length will help define your chin and elongate your neck. When styling your hair, adding volume at the crown with a curling iron or volumizing hair product defines your jaw line. The layers will give your fine thin hair fullness.

Short Pixie

A pixie hair cut has many layers that add fullness to thin hair. A pixie cut is very short on the sides and back, with a little more length in the top of your head. The short length of a pixie will help conceal the fineness of your strands. This cut is also convenient as a wash-and-go option A pixie cut with a wispy bang adds fun and a youthful look which makes it good for an older woman, according to Beauty and the Bath.

Medium Length Layers

Short hair helps conceal thin and fine strands. If short hair is not appealing to you a medium length layered cut is a great option. A medium length cut will fall right at your shoulders and is angled towards the front. The added layers and angle give the illusion of volume to disguise your fine thin strands.

The Chop

Similar in length to the typical bob haircut, the chop has irregular or razored ends. A razored cut creates wispy ends, where as a blunt cut lacks dimension. Fine thin hair can appear limp and the chop gives hair fullness and shape. This is another low maintenance cut that will give your hair lots of body.

Caesar Cut

For men with fine and thin strands, short is the way to go. The Caesar cut is low maintenance and ageless according to Beauty and the Bath. This haircut is named after Julius Caesar, who wore his hair short all over, about 1 to 2 inches, with a bang combed forward or up. Celebrity George Clooney helped revive the trend of the Caesar cut. The Caesar is a way to conceal the signs of balding or hair loss.

Crew Cut

A crew cut is a very short all around your head and is tapered on the sides and back. There is a little more length at the top that follows the natural contour of your head. The short length gives your hair a thicker appearance and keeps your strands close together for a fuller appearance. Your hair is stronger towards the root since that is where your natural oils are that keeps your hair healthy, which is another reason short is the best option.

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