Outdoor shelves for plants

Updated February 21, 2017

One way to add life to your deck or balcony is via a touch of greenery. Potted plants can give your outdoor space a fresher look, without the major maintenance requirement of a complete garden. Don't satisfy yourself with stacking plants of the floor of your deck or along the railings. Instead, a range of charming outdoor shelves are available as safe and decorative spots for plants.

Victorian Wood Ladder Shelf

A Victorian wood ladder shelf is suitable for an outdoor space that includes or is adjacent to a Victorian garden or for an outdoor space that needs a delicate touch. A Victorian wood ladder shelf elegantly displays potted plants or garden accessories while giving your outdoor space an antique atmosphere. You can keep the wood ladder shelf polished and pristine looking or cover it with crackle paint to provide it with a more shabby-chic appearance. Online shops like Mcintyre and Company or eCrater sell these type of shelves.

Tricycle Plant Stand

A tricycle plant stand gives your outdoor area a whimsical touch. Such plant stands usually come in wrought iron and look like an old-fashioned tricycle. In the back of the tricycle, where the seat should be, is a low frame to engulf a potted plant. Most of these informal shelves just hold a single plant, however, it's a novel way to display one plant. Place this tricycle plant stand along your balcony or deck or among the flower beds to double as a garden statue. Hardware or some home improvement stores sell these plant stands.

Wrought-Iron Planter Shelves

Wrought iron is an ideal material when it comes to storing and displaying plants. It's sturdy, decorative and often requires no assembly or installation. You simply move it to wherever you want it to go. You can get wrought-iron plant shelves especially for corners, to help decorate the often-bare corners of decks or patios or standard, rectangular-shaped ones. They come in a range of heights and can look ornate or minimalistic. Online shops like Lifestyles Home Decor or Bonanza carry these shelves.

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