HP DC5800 Compatible CPUs

Written by andrea helaine | 13/05/2017
HP DC5800 Compatible CPUs
The HP DC5800 has a wide range of CPU option from low-end, single core, to high-end, quad core. (cpu image by TEA from Fotolia.com)

The HP DC5800 is PC designed for business use. The DC5800 is available as a small form factor PC or a microtower PC. Both the small form factor and microtower DC5800 accept the same processors. It is available with Microsoft Vista and Windows XP and accepts socket 775 processors.


Celeron is at the low end of the Intel family of processors. The DC5800 is available with the single core Celeron 420 at 1.6GHz, 430 at 1.8GH and 440 at 2.0GHz. The low-end offerings also include the dual core Celeron E1200 at 1.6GHz. All the Celeron processors have 512KB of level two cache.

Pentium Dual Core

The Pentium dual core represents a step up from the Celeron, with faster speed and a higher level two cache that help when processing large amount of data. The Pentium dual core available on the DC5800 are the E2160 at 1.8GHz, E2180 at 2.00GHz and E2200 at 2.2GHz. All have 1MB of level two cache, twice the amount of the Celeron.

Core 2 Duo

The DC5800 has access to 7 Core 2 Duo processors, from 2.20 to 3.0GHz. The core two duo is the high-end dual core processor offering for the Intel 775 socket. They have from 2MB to 6MB of cache depending on the model. The E4500 and E4600 have 2MB of level two cache and run at 2GHz and 2.4GHz respectively. The E6550 and E6750 have 4MB of level two cache and run at 2.33GHz and 2.66GHz respectively. The E7200 has 3MB of level two cache and run at 2.53GHz. The E8200 and E8400 have 6MB of level two cache and run at 2.66GHz and 3GHz respectively.

Core 2 Quad

The DC5800 can be ordered with the Q9300 quad core processor. The Q9300 is a quad core processor running at 2.5GHz and has 6MB of level two cache.

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