Facial Exercises for Sagging Jowls

Updated June 26, 2018

While many people are rushing off to get botox for a cosmetic fix for sagging jowls, there are exercises you can do at home that will have your skin taut and looking young again. Doing everyday exercises will get your facial muscles shape so you may never have to worry about cosmetic surgery. They can be done conveniently throughout the day as well.

Double Chin

If your jowls are sagging so much that it looks like you have a double chin, then try this exercise. Sit up in a chair (or stand) and look up, lips softly closed. Chew 20 times. This exercise strengthens your jaw muscles. Over time you will notice a decrease in your double chin.

Kiss The Sky

To exercise your jowls, tilt your head up, while sitting or standing, and kiss the ceiling. You will feel the stretch in your lower jaw and neck. Each kiss should last five seconds. Then bring your head level, tilt it back and repeat this five times.

Tongue To Chin

This is a variation of the previous exercise. Instead of kissing when you look up, stick out your tongue and try to touch it to your chin. Do this for five seconds, and repeat five times.

Lip Stretch

Again, use the same motion that you used in the previous two exercises. Looking up, relaxed lips, put your lower lip over your top lip and hold it to five. Repeat this ten times, not just five.

Neck Massage

Look up to the ceiling, stretching your neck. Use your wide-open hand and move it from under the chin down to the collarbone, massaging the neck muscles. Hold for 10 seconds once you reach the collarbone. Repeat it five times.

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