Nissan T25 Turbocharger Specs

Updated July 20, 2017

The Nissan T25 turbocharger is designed to make cars go faster. The T25 is actually manufactured by the Garrett Company. Nissan used the Garret turbochargers in some of its turbo cars. When a car claims to be a turbo, that means it has a turbocharger. Some examples of Nissan cars that use the Garrett T25 are the Nissan Skyline, Nissan 300ZX and Nissan Sentra. Garrett turbochargers have been used in racing events throughout the world. The T25 adds power to cars that already have powerful engines. Garret turbochargers are especially known for their well-built ball-bearing cartridges. The T25 model is built for medium-size engines.

General Specifications

The T25 is renowned for its excellent durability. The ball-bearing cartridge on the T25 is surrounded by a thin film of oil. This thin film removes vibrations that may hinder the turbo's durability. The T25 utilises a ball bearing system. This turbocharger is used for engines in the 1.4- to 2.5-litre range.

Compressor Specifications

The T25 has an aerodynamically advanced GT wheel design. It has a wheel inducer of 1.66 inches and a wheel exducer of 2.14 inches. The wheel trim measures 60 inches. The T25 gets a maximum of 405 cubic feet per minute. It has an inlet size of 2.4 inches and an outlet size of 2 inches. The T25 uses an oil-and-water cooling system.

Turbine Specifications

The turbine wheel inducer and exducer measure 1.64-by-2.09 inches. It has a wheel trim of 62 inches and an A/R ratio of 0.63-to-1.

Performance Specifications

The performance specs described here are for a 1992 turbocharged Nissan SE-R. Installed on this model, the T25 turbocharger gets a time of 2.26 seconds in 60 feet. It can complete a quarter-mile in 13.94 seconds and reach a speed of 102.16mph in the same time. The T25 produces a maximum of 250 horsepower. Newer and more powerful cars may get better times and performance from the T25 turbocharger.

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