Audi A6 Quattro Recalls

Written by mary pletcher
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Automobile manufacturers recall specific vehicles in response to reports of mechanical or other automotive problems. If you have a car subject to a recall, have it repaired according to the manufacturer's direction, either at a dealership or reputable mechanic. Audi began manufacturing the A6 Quattro in 1994 and issued recalls on the car by model year. If you have a recalled Audi A6 Quattro, contact a licensed Audi dealer or call Audi directly at 800-822-2834.

1994 through 1997

Audi recalled A6 Quattros for the model years 1994 through 1996 for defective ignition switches. Starting the car could cause electrical accessories---including indicators, power windows, air conditioners and windshield wipers---to malfunction. Owners should take this vehicle to a licensed Audi dealer for a replacement ignition switch.

A6 Quattros made from 1995 through 1997 also underwent a recall due to defective airbags, which static electricity could activate under certain low humidity conditions. Licensed Audi dealers can install a ground wire on the airbag to prevent accidental inflation.

Audi recalled the 1997 A6 Quattro because the rear seat belt retractors may not lock properly. Audi contacted the owners of all vehicles affected by this recall.

Recalls 1998-2005

The 1998 A6 Quattro had numerous recalls, including fuel tanks mismatched to filler necks, which could result in fuel escaping and igniting a fire, as well as a loose air screen that could enter the intake flow system if the vehicle backfired, causing the vehicle to fail to return to idle. Recalls of the 1998 and 1999 A6 Quattro include responses to a throttle that could freeze in low temperatures, causing the vehicle to continue to accelerate; a fuel vapour recovery system that could malfunction in vehicles fuelled with the engine running; a control valve in the brake system that may not open and close properly at extremely low temperatures; and a steering assembly whose tie rods do not seal properly. Recalls of the 1998 through 2001 A6 Quattro include fuel tank sensors that may interact with gasoline additives, causing the fuel gauge to give inaccurate readings. Recalls affecting the 1998 through 2004 A6 Quattro include malfunctioning halogen low-beam headlights that could cause a fire, as well as a knee bolster that could cause a fire in the left dashboard if pressed by a driver's knees.

Audi also recalled the 2001 A6 Quattro for defective windshield wipers that may hamper visibility under certain weather conditions, as well as tires that failed to meet federal safety standards. A recall of 2003 A6 Quattros with 3-spoke sport steering wheels occurred due to improperly positioned air bag igniters, which could keep air bags from inflating. The 2003 model also underwent a recall for potentially inoperative fuel pumps. Audi recalled A6 Quattros made from 2001 through 2004 with 2.7-, 2.8- or 3.0-litre engines, along with 2001 through 2005 A6 Quattros with 2.7- or 4.2-litre engines, due to defective material in the fuel tank rollover valve, which could lead to a fuel leak.

2006 through 2010

The automatic boot lid on 2006 through 2008 A6 Avant Quattros required new software to prevent unintended automatic boot closure, which could injure someone standing near the boot.

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