Surprise Birthday Party Ideas for a 19th Birthday

Updated February 21, 2017

For many teens, the 19th birthday is the first one celebrated away from home, family and old friends. A surprise party can be just the right thing to make a homesick college student ease into being so far from home on his or her special day. Collect funds from each guest and put it toward making your friend's birthday a memorable surprise.

Club Party

Some clubs have an 18+ policy or offer chem-free nights. Pool your money together and rent the VIP room for your friend's 19th birthday party. Consult with the club owner or manager about getting in to decorate the room and set up tables for cake and gifts before the club opens. Once you are ready and the guests are in place have someone bring the guest of honour to the club as if it were any other night out.

Beach or Lake Party

Depending on your locale and the season during which the birthday takes place, consider pooling resources to buy decorations, a cake and food for a barbecue and head to the nearest lake or beach that offers public barbecue and picnic areas. If there are no public barbecue areas at the beaches or lakes in your locale, try going to a public park or buying prepared food and having a birthday picnic. Failing that, pick one of the common areas at school and set up shop right on campus.

Themed Party

If any of your friends has an apartment, ask if you can throw a themed party at their place. Pick an easy and affordable theme that everyone can participate in. The quintessentially collegiate and perennial favourite toga party is easy to pull off, but you can also try doing a flashback party and make everyone dress in a certain era's fashion, like the 80s or 90s. Collect some money from each guest to buy snacks, drinks and a cake for the guest of honour.

Prank Party

If the guest of honour has roommate, ask them if they'll cooperate with you and set up a small birthday prank. Get a group of friends together and buy two or three hundred regular party balloons. Have everyone blow up the balloons and fill the birthday person's dorm room with them while he is in class. Have the roommate call or text him to ask him to come back to the dorm right away. Get as many friends as you can to hide in the surrounding area with food, cake and gifts as you wait for him to come and open the door. When the balloons come spilling out of the room, have everyone jump out and yell "Surprise!"

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