The Disadvantages of 3G

Updated February 21, 2017

3G is short for third generation mobile telephone services. 3G technology allows you to have Internet, fast data transfer and high-resolution video and multimedia capabilities within your cell phone. While this relatively new technology is very appealing and has many advantages, there are some disadvantages to it as well.

Expensive Equipment

One disadvantage is that cell phones that use 3G services require equipment that is more expensive than cell phones that operate using 2G technology. This is because they have the ability to allow you to video chat, check e-mail and have access to Internet. Providing these features requires more advanced and higher quality equipment.

More Expensive Plans

Cell phone plans for this technology can be more expensive as well. If you want the Internet access features and data streaming access, many cell phone service providers require you to purchase an additional media plan in addition to your monthly service fees. This can cost an extra £6 to £16 per month (as of October 2010), depending on the mobile phone service provider you are contracted with.

Large Cell Phones

Because more power is needed to allow a mobile device to perform these tasks, larger batteries are needed. Therefore, 3G phones are larger and heavier than 2G phones. While they are still much smaller than first cell phones that came out, you will definitely notice a size and weight difference.

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