Unique centerpiece giveaway ideas

Wedding receptions, baby and bridal showers, and even birthday parties often feature decorative centrepieces on each table. At the end of the night, you're stuck with multiple centrepieces and decorations of the same type and you may not know what to do with them. Unique centrepiece giveaway ideas include games that you play with your guests, with the winners getting the gift of a centrepiece.

Trivia Game

Before the party or event, create a list of trivia questions. If you're hosting a birthday party, ask questions about the guest of honour, or if you're holding a wedding-related event, ask questions about the newlyweds. Print the questions on paper and slip a set of questions onto each place setting or on each chair. Give guests a time limit to answer the questions and turn their paper in. Have each guest write their name at the top of the sheet, to enter the contest. Place all of the answer sheets in a hat or glass bowl and randomly draw a name. If the person answered all the questions correctly, they win a centrepiece. Try checking the answers first and only putting those with the correct answers in the drawing.

Who's Got the Star?

Decide ahead of time how many centrepieces you plan on giving away after the party. Purchase as many star stickers as you have available centrepieces. Place the stickers underneath chairs, if you're hosting a sit-down event. If you're hosting a more casual event, place the stickers underneath random plates or cups. The first person who finds a star sticker has their choice of the centrepieces. By the end of the night, you'll have a new home for each of your centrepieces.

Pass the Gift

Purchase a few inexpensive gifts that match the theme of the event, such as crystal or glass candlesticks and picture frames for a wedding. Wrap the gifts in small boxes and place a box on each of the tables. At a designated time, inform guests that you're playing a pass-the-gift game. Play a short song and have guests pass the gift around the table. The person holding the box at the end of the song can either choose the gift inside or the centrepiece. If they choose the gift, they pick someone else at the table to win the centrepiece.

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