Husqvarna 266 Chainsaw Specs

Written by kent tukeli | 13/05/2017
Husqvarna 266 Chainsaw Specs
The Husqvarna 266 chainsaw makes short work of wood. (chainsaw image by Andris Daugovich from

Husqvarna started out in 1689 as a weapons factory and evolved to manufacture consumer goods as well. The Husqvarna 266 chainsaw was created and manufactured in Sweden, helping with outdoor chores that require portable cutting power.


The body of the Husqvarna 266 chainsaw is made of injection moulded plastic and die cast magnesium, weighing 7.17 Kilogram with a 13-inch bar and chain. An anti-vibration handlebar system increases the comfort for the user.


The engine for the Husqvarna 266 chainsaw is made of one cylinder that measures 1.97 inches in diameter and a stroke of 1.34 inches in depth. It operates at 8,500rpm and has a displacement of four cubic inches.


Husqvarna 266 chainsaws feature a nylon mesh cartridge air filter system and a centrifugal clutch. The motor uses a Oregon 73LG chain at a 0.375 inch pitch to slice through the target.

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