Colours that match burgundy carpet

Written by leslie rose | 13/05/2017
Colours that match burgundy carpet
Burgundy as a dark colour can hide stains (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Burgundy carpet has many advantages. The dark, rich colour has associations with class, elegance and grace. Like other dark coloured carpets, burgundy carpet hides stains and traction marks. On the other hand, once you've selected burgundy carpet, you're locked into a red theme for that room until the day you replace that carpet with something else. For this reason, choose the right colours to match.


Colours that match burgundy carpet
Cream or white works well with dark red carpets (Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

Cream or white both make an ideal choice to pair with dark red carpet. These colours work to lessen the intensity of the burgundy by adding a light accent to the room. Look for cream coloured furniture and black or burgundy pillows. For a bedroom, a cream coloured comforter and dark red or brown pillow cases help to create a cohesive colour scheme with the burgundy coloured carpet.


Colours that match burgundy carpet
Tan coloured furniture works well (Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images)

For a subdued and natural colour pair, look for tan or honey coloured wood furniture and accessories. This scheme works well for cabins and other settings where a natural decorating scheme is appropriate. Ensure that the tan you select has warm undertones, meaning the tan has a yellowy or reddish cast, rather than a grey or bluish cast.


Colours that match burgundy carpet
Pumpkin colour works well with burgundy (Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Pumpkin is a shade of orange. Orange and red are analogous colours because they fall side by side on the colour wheel, which makes burgundy and pumpkin an analogous colour pair. Use pumpkin as an accent colour by placing pumpkin coloured accessories around the room, and paint a pumpkin coloured accent wall if repainting the room.

Dark Brown or Black

Colours that match burgundy carpet
Dark brown or black can work with burgundy but only separately (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Dark brown and black can both be used with burgundy but not at the same time. Dark brown wooden furniture and cream coloured cushions create a simple, striking colour palette. Black can be used in the place of dark brown when paired with white or cream.

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