Ideas for a privacy trellis vine fence

Whether you have nosy neighbours or just prefer the feel of solitude, you'd do well with a privacy fence. Typically made from wood, these fences are tall enough that most people can't see over the top. When used on all sides of your yard, the fence creates a private sanctuary for you and your family. As the fences tend to look fairly plain, use privacy trellis vine fence ideas to add more style to the fence.

A Private Feel

Mix and match different elements in your yard to create one cohesive look. Make use of the natural items that already exist, including larger trees and bushes. Purchase custom fence pieces that work around the trees and other plants. Use traditional wood privacy fencing, and attach vine style plants to those pieces. Grapes are one example of a plant that adds colour to the space but also gives you a quick snack when the fruit blossoms. If you prefer a more natural look, arrange for privacy fencing along only two sides of your backyard. Use tall trees along the back side of your yard to keep people from seeing in without overdoing the fencing.

Ivy Gone Wild

Ivy grows quickly and spreads across your fence, especially when you care for the plants properly. Look for white plastic or vinyl fencing or purchase wood fencing and paint white. If you like the shabby chic look, distress the wood before applying the paint. Coax the ivy onto the fencing and add more as needed. You'll need to maintain the ivy and cut down the plants to prevent it from growing out of control. Add to the look by placing a few brighter coloured plants and flowers in containers along the bottom of the fencing.

A Different Look

Create a different look by combining traditional privacy fencing with stone. Stone forms the base or bottom of your fencing while traditional fencing sits on top. For a more secure fence, drill into the stone and permanently attach the fencing into the top. Look for thicker fencing, which has a top lip or ledge. Once you attach the pieces together and install it in your yard, add ivy, grapes or other plants to the trellis work. Potted plants placed along the top ledge of the fence provide an extra layer of security to keep people from peeking over the top of the fence while also adding more colour to your yard.

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