Good paint colours for a playhouse

Updated April 17, 2017

Building a playhouse for your children is an ideal way to spark imagination and boost creativity. The playhouse will provide hours of enjoyment for your children and is something they will remember all their lives. A playhouse does not require any fancy design work, so picking out the best decor is an easy task. The first step in decorating (interior and exterior) is choosing a paint colour. Take suggestions from your children to determine what will work best.


Some common colours for girls' playhouses are pink, red and yellow. These cheery colours allow a girl to feel like a princess in her own little space. Consider painting the roof white to reflect heat or a darker colour to mimic tiles on a real home. Paint the interior walls and ceilings white to brighten up the space and capture as much light as possible as it beams through the windows. Exterior and interior painting requires a coat of primer and at least two coats of the colour of your choice.


While boys might not mind whether their playhouse is painted or not, there are a few colours that may add to their outdoor adventures. Consider blues, greens or browns as colours for your boy's spot. These colours occur abundantly in nature and will tie in his playhouse with the outdoors. Use a coat of primer and two additional coats of the colour you choose. If you've built the playhouse from scratch, sand off all rough wood edges before beginning to paint.

Neutral colours

Hearing a young boy say, "I don't want to play in a pink house," might be something you encounter if you've got both boys and girls to cater for. An easy fix for this issue is to paint the playhouse a neutral colour. Choose beige or grey for the exterior, and keep it simple with white for the interior. Not painting the wood at all is also an option as is just painting the roof. For something a little more intimate, paint the names of your children inside the playhouse using their favourite colours.

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