Large fast-growing shrubs

Updated February 21, 2017

Large, fast-growing shrubs provide screening and privacy for the backyard. By choosing large shrubs or hedges that grow quickly, you can create an immediate barrier around your property or fill in empty areas in the landscaping. Choices of large shrubs that grow quickly include both flowering and evergreen shrubs. Large shrubs generally grow to a height of 8 to 10 feet or larger.

Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs are shrubs that retain their foliage through two or more consecutive seasons. Because of this, most homeowners prefer evergreen shrubs when creating privacy hedges. Bamboo is a fast-growing large evergreen that can grow in sun or shade. A tall, dense evergreen is blue vase juniper. It grows well in sunny areas with good drainage. Wax myrtle is a fast-growing evergreen that can attain a height of 15 feet. This shrub needs ample room to grow, according to Texas Cooperative Extension.

Deciduous Shrubs

Deciduous shrubs are those that shed their leaves seasonally. Some homeowners choose deciduous shrubs for their seasonal beauty. According to the University of Missouri Extension, deciduous shrubs tend to tolerate difficult growing conditions better than other ornamental shrubs. The Rose of Sharon is a fast-growing deciduous shrub that can grow 8 feet tall. The flowers on these shrubs come in a variety of colours, including white, pink and rose, and are produced in August. Amur honeysuckle is the biggest and fastest growing of all honeysuckles and makes a fast-growing screen. It produces fragrant white flowers in the spring and red berries in the fall.

Flowering Shrubs

Flowering shrubs can be either evergreen or deciduous. A large, fast-growing evergreen is the cherry laurel. This shrub is easy to grow and can attain a height of 30 feet. The cherry laurel produces clusters of small white flowers in early spring, and makes an attractive tall, narrow hedge. Oleander is a very fast-growing evergreen that can grow in either sun or shade. They produce a variety of colours, including pink, lavender, white, salmon and red. These flowers appear in clusters in April and May and sporadically in the summer and fall. A well-known flowering shrub is the lilac. Lilacs are shrubs that grow quickly and are easily cared for. Flowers are very fragrant and come in white, pink, lilac and bluish. Lilacs can grow to a height of 9 feet, according to the University of Missouri Extension.

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