Modern dining table centerpiece ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Centrepieces help create a mood and add interest to a table. When it comes to modern dining table centrepieces, go for something different to the typical floral arrangement and make a strong style statement that will capture your guests' attention. Forget about splashing out on expensive ornaments; an interesting piece can be created using items you already have.


For a modern variation on the traditional single pillar candle centrepiece, use votive candles. A simple but effective combination is a few votives in individual votive holders, arranged on a glass plate. You can add height to the centrepiece by using holders of differing sizes. An alternative candle centrepiece is a single candle on a tray, surrounded by pebbles for a zen-like effect. If you want to tie in with an existing colour scheme, use glass pebbles in your chosen colours, which can be bought from craft stores.


If you have a large dining table, a collection of vases makes a dramatic, sophisticated centrepiece. Best of all, it is really quick and simple to do. An eclectic arrangement of vases of different colours, sizes and materials can work in a room with neutral colours and minimal clutter. A few slim, tall glass vases look unobtrusive and elegant. Play around with the arrangement until you are happy with it. If you don't have the type you want at home already, you can find inexpensive vases at department stores and online retailers.


A contemporary dining table centrepiece idea is something you may already have in the middle of your table. A bowl of fruit is commonplace in most kitchens, but in this case the fruit is there to be admired, not eaten (although you could invite your guests to help themselves at the end of the meal). Don't just stick your old half-full fruit bowl in the middle of your table, though. Find a large glass bowl, polish it to make it sparkle, and fill it with shiny green apples -- as many as it will hold. If apples aren't your fruit of choice, oranges, lemons and limes work well too. Make sure the fruit is as smooth, blemish-free and uniform in size as possible. A combination of lemons and limes makes a fresh centrepiece and adds a splash of colour.

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