The Uses of Polident

Written by roseanne omalacy
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The Uses of Polident
Polident's unique ingredients make it a great household cleaner. (sudsy image by Micah Jared from

Polident is a popular denture cleanser and a trademarked product of GlaxoSmithKline. According to the Polident website, Polident cleans dentures without scratching the surface area like abrasive toothpastes can. The patented formula uses effervescent action to clean, making it a unique household product. For decades, people have used home products for alternative functions other than their original purposes. The active ingredients in Polident make it the perfect option for completing other household tasks.

Mineral Deposits

Polident removes mineral deposits on false teeth, and it will clean mineral build-up on other surfaces as well. Drop a Polident tablet in a vase that has a hard-to-reach bottom surface. Fill with warm water and let it sit overnight. Teakettles are another place where mineral deposits collect and cleaning is nearly impossible. Drop two Polident tablets in the kettle and fill with warm water. After sitting overnight, your teakettle will be deodorised and free of mineral deposits. Rinse the kettle out with plenty of fresh water before use.

Stain Removal

Stains in teacups and coffee cups are difficult to remove. According to, Polident has oxidising agents that operate as stain removers and surface cleaners. These same agents also work great for removing stains on other surfaces. You can use Polident on china, pottery and porcelain products. Add a tablet or two, depending on the size of the item, and then add warm water. Let the item soak for several hours, then rinse well.

Oil Remover

The detergents in Polident work by breaking down particles and dislodging them from porous surfaces. Polident can be used on light coloured garments or white table linens to remove oil-based stains. The detergents lift the oily stain from the fabric after approximately five minutes of soaking. This oil-lifting action also works well on glass dishes that have a greasy residue or dried cheese around the edges. Drop the dish in a sink of warm water with two Polident tablets. After soaking for two hours, rinse the dish well with fresh water.


Polident is proven to kill bacteria, making it the perfect cleanser for items with gaps and crevices. Polident cleans and deodorises baby products at the same time. Pacifiers are especially hard to clean due to cracks and crevices where bacteria can hide. Put teething rings, bottles, and pacifiers in a clean bowl. Fill with warm water and add a Polident tablet. After 20 minutes, wash and rinse very well with clean water. According to the Maryland Dental Society, Polident is also effective for sanitising toothbrushes, mouth guards, toothbrush holders and retainers.

The Uses of Polident
Sanitise dental care items with Polident and a glass of warm water. (toothbrush holder image by Jeffrey Sinnock from

Drain Opener

The enzymes in Polident break down and loosen particles, making it the perfect solution for clogged drains. Drop two to three tablets down the drain and slowly pour in a half cup of white vinegar. Let it sit for 15 minutes, and then flush well with hot water. Monitor frequently to make sure foaming action does not overflow the drain's opening.

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