60th Birthday Ideas for Men

Updated February 21, 2017

Hobbies and personality will dictate birthday ideas for the 60-year-old man. Shirts and socks make good gifts for the couch potato, but thinking beyond clothing will make your gift memorable and appreciated. Selecting a gift for his special day will be easy when you keep in mind his leisure activities and his life passions.

The Sports Enthusiast

Season tickets to his favourite sports team will put a smile on his face, but the cost might be too much for your budget. Consider sharing the expense with others if this seems like the ideal gift. Purchase tickets for a single game if that is more practical, and join him on that special day. Treat him to snacks while you're at the game. A team jersey with his favourite player's name on the back is thoughtful, or, to drop the price even more, a T-shirt may make him just as happy. Memorabilia stores specialise in autographed posters, photographs, or sports equipment for the collector. The 60-year-old sportsman may have some favourite players from days-gone-by that will bring back happy memories.

The Chef

Many men enjoy cooking in the kitchen or on an outdoor grill, especially when work responsibilities have slowed down and the 60-year-old gentleman has time to enjoy cooking as a leisurely pastime. A monogrammed apron that he can claim as his own will set the tone for his culinary accomplishments. Grilling utensils or kitchen gadgets will keep him updated with the latest and greatest kitchen tools. A notebook for him to write his best recipes and pass them along to future family chefs will be well received. Follow up on cooking gifts with a selection of his favourite wine or a beer-of-the-month club membership. Select a special beer glass monogrammed with his initials to be used only by him.

The Handyman

As the 60-year-old eases into retirement, there are bound to be more chores around the house that demand his attention. Old tools may need to be replaced or updated. Power tools will make his life easier as he has more time to tinker at his work bench. Include safety glasses, work gloves, or a subscription to a woodworking or home improvement magazine as an extra bonus.

The Intellectual

The thinking man will enjoy a journal to keep track of thoughts or jot down memories. Encourage him to start recording childhood memories and how things have changed in the past 60 years. Books from his favourite author or subject matter are sure to please the scholarly man. Of course, a gift token to a bookstore will allow him to choose his own selection of reading material.

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