Futaba S9301 Servo Specifications

Updated April 17, 2017

A servo is a small motor with an output shaft. Servos are usable in puppets, remote controlled vehicles and robots. Futaba is a producer of technical equipment for remote controlled devices and the producer of the out-of-production S9301 servo. The S9301 is an analogue servo and was made for use in remote-controlled aircraft.

Dimensions and Weight

The Futuba S9301 Servo has length of 1.59 inches, width of 0.79 inches and height of 1.40 inches. The units weighs 48.2gr.


The S9301 utilises a type J conductor.


The S9301 has 1970gr-inches of torque.


The S9301 is speed-rated at 0.22 seconds per foot at a 60-degree angle.

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