Plant Design Ideas for a Side Entrance Driveway

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have a side entrance driveway, you can still add curb appeal to your home by landscaping the area around it. When it comes to landscaping driveways, side driveways are often ignored in favour of more formal entrance driveways, but you can spruce up the space and make your side driveway a welcoming entrance to your home with a little planning and creativity.

Stick with Grass

If your side driveway is located near a wall or you have a family member who tends to miss the driveway when they pull in, you can still spruce up the spot by sticking with grass. Plant a tall ornamental grass along the edge of your driveway to give it a greener look. Ornamental grasses come in a variety of colours, and some species of grass maintain a decorative look even after they've gone dormant. Plant a single row of the same species along the edge of your drive or mix it up for a more multicoloured effect.

Plan a Border

If you've got extra spaces along the edge of your side drive, plan a border. You can create a simple plant border by installing a variety of plants in a planned manner along the edge of your drive, or you can make a raised flowerbed which runs the length of your driveway and fill it with plants. Plant a single row of plants for a well-manicured look, or place a profusion of flowering plants in the spot to mix it up and add some colour.

Shrub It Up

For a bit of flowering, easy-to-maintain appeal, shrub up your driveway. Plant a single type or a variety of flowering shrubs next to your driveway to add colour and a flowery scent to the space. Be sure to pay attention to how large your shrub will grow, and plant the shrub far enough away from the drive itself that it won't take over the driveway. Planting large shrubs can also help hide or showcase a side driveway, depending on how they're situated.

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