Types of Candle-Lighters

Written by mary mcnally
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Types of Candle-Lighters
Use a candle-lighter to light the wick on your candles. (candle image by Amjad Shihab from Fotolia.com)

If you are crazy about candles, you already know that there are many accessories out there just for candle connoisseurs. Candle-holders, sconces, snuffers and wax tools are just some of the accessories you must have if you own a multitude of candles.

However, there is one candle accessory that does not get much mention -- the candle-lighter. It is, after all, an essential accessory that keeps you from burning your fingers when lighting a candle.

Butane Wand

Butane wand lighters are filled with butane that ignites when you push a button on the handle, creating a spark. They measure about 10.5 inches -- long enough to keep your hands safely out of range of a lit candle wick and long enough to reach a jar candle's wick. Butane wand lighters work well for candles in wall sconces and chandeliers. They are refillable and childproof.

Upright Butane Lighter

The upright butane lighter looks somewhat like a hand stapler that rests on one end. A wand that provides the flame extends out from the body of the lighter in three different positions to reach a candle wick without burning your hand. The ignition button is in a trigger position on the base. Just push the button to ignite the wand.

Adjustable Butane Wand

If you find yourself needing to change the height of the flame on a candle-lighter, an adjustable butane wand may do the trick for you. A butane cartridge is loaded into the middle of the stainless steel wand, whose tip can be adjusted to change the flame height. One touch of the ignition button lights the wand.

Single-Flint Lighter

A single-flint lighter looks somewhat like an oversized safety pin with a metal coil on one end and a short tube on the other. The tube contains a strip of metal that produces a spark when the flint in one arm of the lighter is scraped across it. These lighters tend to be more awkward to use, because they are slightly shorter than a wand lighter and need to be placed closer to the candle wick. You may have to scrape the flint across the metal bar several times before the wick ignites.

Wax-Fringed Tapers

Wax-fringed tapers are candle-lighters made from wax and a wick. They are thin tapers about 17 inches long that are lit with matches. Wax-fringed tapers are ideal for lighting pillar candles placed on tall candle-holders, such as those found in a church. They are easy to light and stay lit longer than wood lighting sticks.

Wood-Lighting Sticks

Wood-lighting sticks look like long fireplace matches. However, they actually stay lit longer, allowing you to light many candles at once or light candles in hard-to-reach places, such as a wall sconce or alcove. These lighting sticks are 12 inches long and useful for lighting jar candles or candles that have been deeply burnt into their cores. Just light the stickhead with a match, and let it burn as long as you like.

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