EU Agricultural Grants

Updated April 17, 2017

European Union agricultural grants support rural farmers in member states through the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) fund. CAP funds assist farmers with technical and financial support, in return farmers who receive CAP grants must maintain strict EU agricultural standards. Grant recipients must comply with environmental protection, animal welfare, and food safety regulations. EU agriculture grants also assist rural communities in their efforts to create green jobs.

Direct Payments

Direct payment grants provide several types of financial assistance to farmers. The grant is intended to provide farmers with a steady income stream. Under direct payment grants, farmers are eligible to receive additional financial support based on the types of crops that they produce. Eligible crops include protein crops like wheat and beans, rice, nuts, milk and milk products. Direct payment grants also provide assistance to new EU member states under the Single Area Payment Scheme (SAPS) program. SAPS funds support new EU member states; farmers will receive a uniform amount of funding per hectare of farmland. National authorities will administer Direct Payment grants. Interested applicants should contact their local Ministry of Agriculture to apply for the grant.

Market Measures

Farmers who specialise in specific agricultural products are eligible to receive financial support based on the type of crop that they product. Financial support is available to farmers, traders and processors in the form of refunds or subsidies. Eligible products include Durum Wheat, protein crops, rice, nuts, cotton and tobacco. National authorities will administer Market Measures funds. Applicants should contact their local Ministry of Agriculture to apply for the grant.

Rural Development Fund

The Rural Development 2007-2013 fund offers limited support to EU member states. The program was initiated in 2007, and will only support EU agricultural programs through 2013. During the period of the funding, EU member states will receive 96 billion euros. The grants can be used to make improvements in farming and forestry, diversify rural economies or develop initiatives that are environmentally sound. National government programs will administer Rural Development grants. Individual applications for the Rural Development Fund can be submitted to local agricultural associations or the local Ministry of Agriculture.

Common Agricultural Policy

The EU has allocated 3.25 million euros for "information projects," under the Common Agricultural Policy grant program, and solicits proposals from farmers, rural development organisations, consumer associations and related entities. The purpose of the grant is to seek the participation of independent organisations in the effort to disseminate information about EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The European Commission will finance up to 50% of the project costs. Priority will be given to innovative programs that will initiate informative sessions, debates or discussions about CAP with the general public. Relevant themes for this project should incorporate effective strategies for promoting a sustainable agricultural policy in rural regions, food security and climate change, preservation of biodiversity and the quality of agricultural production. Grant requests can range between 20, 000 to 300,000 Euros. Applicants are advised to review the deadline and eligibility criteria for Communicating Agricultural Policy grants.

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