Birthday party ideas boys age 9

For a young boy, turning nine means that he is only one year away from two-digits. Celebrating his ninth birthday by having a birthday party is one way for him to socialise with his friends while being the centre of attention for an entire day (or night depending on the type of party). Not only do nine-year-old kids have incredible amounts of energy but they also become bored quite easily. Fortunately, despite this they are relatively easy to entertain at birthday parties.

Host An All-Nighter

Consider hosting an all-nighter (the equivalent to a slumber party for girls) for your nine-year-old son's birthday. Let parent's know that guests will be allowed to spend the night. Be sure to include a list of items to bring (i.e. toothbrush, sleeping bag, pillow, camera). Provide the children with snacks including popcorn, pretzels, chips, fruit snacks and peanut butter crackers along with movies and age-appropriate video games and it is likely that they will keep themselves occupied all night. Allow them to create "No Girls Allowed" signs to place on the bedroom door. Sleeping in the next day is part of the fun, so let them stay up for as long as they can.

Have a Park Party

Nine-year-old boys have a ton of energy so having a birthday party at the park is one way for the adults to have a much-needed break while the children wear themselves out. Setting the party up should be a cinch as the kids will be preoccupied at the park. Because parks are generally larger than the average backyard, games could include tag, hide and seek, football and if it's warm enough, a water-balloon or water pistol fight (just tell parents to bring extra clothing for their children). Activities could include journeys to find the coolest looking bugs or a scavenger hunt where the boys look for specific items (rubber snakes, plastic lizards, water pistols).

Backyard Camping Trip

Invite your nine-year-old's friends over for a night of fun. Set up a tent and provide the children with chairs and snacks. Let the children sleep outdoors as if they are camping. Parents may leave them be, but don't forget to check on them every hour or so. Provide the guests with flashlights and encourage flashlight tag or spooky ghost stories. Snacks could include s'mores (in the microwave or around a fire with adult supervision), roasted hot dogs and hot chocolate.

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