Project Tips for a Curtain Rod Canopy Bed

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have always longed for a canopy bed but don't have the requisite fourposter, you can use curtain rods to hang the bed drapes. As long as you put them up securely, the rods will permit you a dramatic floor-to-ceiling canopy or the filmiest drape of gossamer like a cloud over the bed. The number of rods and the way they are positioned create multiple options for an original canopy treatment.

Design Dictates the Number of Curtain Rods

When attaching curtain rods to the ceiling to make a canopy bed, determine whether or not the curtains will close. If you want gathered drapes on all four sides, you will need rods over all four sides so the drapes will hang in proper gathers or folds. Simply use a rod over each long edge of the bed if the curtains will open and close on the sides. You can drape a filmy length of fabric over each curtain rod end across the head and foot of the bed, letting it sag into a centre drape and hang in folds down the corners.

Secure and Steam

Use screws and toggle blots to securely fasten the curtain rod hardware to the ceiling. Put the drapery hooks on the rods before putting them up, which is much easier than craning overhead to attach them. Steam the fabric before hanging the curtains or drapes so they fall smoothly around the bed.

Drape a Double Border

For a fancier finish, attach the curtain rods to the ceiling. On the outside four corners of the bed, outside the rods, screw a hook into the ceiling. Put up the main curtains, and add another layer. Hang a gauzy length of fabric over one hook so that the material falls from the hook to the ground. Softly pull the other end of the material to the next hook, letting it drape a bit along the outside of the curtains. Attach the short end and drape another gauzy length over it, repeating the pattern until you have a column of gauze at each corner with a valance of gauze connecting them all around the bed.

Contemporary Canopy

For a more contemporary canopy, attach a curtain rod to the ceiling just behind the headboard. It should run parallel to the width of the bed. Hang another curtain rod even with the end of the bed, parallel to the first one. Drape a really long length of fabric over the headboard rod, letting it fall gracefully to the floor behind the headboard. Stretch the rest of the fabric over the bed to the second rod, and drape it over the rod. Let the fabric sag slightly over the bed and spill over the rod at the foot of the bed about a quarter to a third of the way from the ceiling to the mattress. Substitute lengths of bamboo for curtain rods in an Asian-themed bedroom.

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