Tips to hide stretch marks & cellulite

Written by lorrie fenn | 13/05/2017
Tips to hide stretch marks & cellulite
Still enjoy the beach while hiding stretch marks and cellulite. (girl in sarong image by javarman from

Stretch marks and cellulite are hard to cure, but with a few tips and tricks you can easily hide them. According the Mayo Clinic, stretch marks are reddish or purplish streaks that appear on the arms, thighs, breasts and abdomen and while they may fade over time, stretch makes will never completely disappear. The Mayo Clinic also states that cellulite is fat that appears as dimpled skin commonly found on thighs, buttocks and hips.


Start by rubbing a thick moisturiser such as shea or cocoa butter on your stretch marks. This will allow your skin to hydrate and appear smoother when applying make-up. Use a concealer that is slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. You never want to go darker, as it will only make the stretch marks stand out more. Using a concealer make-up brush, apply the concealer in even brush strokes only on the area of your stretch mark. Blend lightly with the surrounding skin. Use a waterproof concealer or heavy stage make-up if you plan on swimming.


Self-tanner is effective for covering faded stretch marks and lessening the appearance of cellulite. Before applying self-tanner lotion, take a shower and exfoliate your entire body. Moisturise your skin paying special attention to dry areas such as knees, ankles and elbows, as they tend to soak up extra self-tanner. Apply self-tanner evenly over thighs, arms, stomach and other areas that you want to tan, while wearing latex gloves. Dress in dark clothes while allowing tanner to dry--that way, if the tanner slightly stains the clothing, it will not be obvious.

Beach Cover-Ups

Cover cellulite while wearing a swimming costume with a long sarong in a pretty pattern. Tie at the side of your waist for a beautiful, elongating look that will hide your cellulite. Flowing linen trousers also make for a lightweight cover up when going from the pool or ocean to your lounge chair.


Light coloured clothes such as tan, white and grey tend to highlight extra bumps and dimples in our skin. Sheer-to-waist nude or opaque tights are the perfect way to conceal cellulite under form fitting clothing such as skirts, dresses and knitted trousers.

Shape Wear

Form fitted undergarments that you wear like shorts under skirts and dresses will not only minimise the look of cellulite, but will also trim a couple of inches off of your figure. Choose shape wear that is form-fitted, yet comfortable enough to sit down in.

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