Masquerade Mask Decorating Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A masquerade mask may be worn to a masquerade ball or a costume party. You have several different options for decorating a masquerade mask including different materials you can use as well as different places from which to draw inspiration.


You have a wide variety of materials from which to choose when you are looking to decorate your own masquerade mask. For a flashy looking mask, use glitter, rhinestones or sequins attached with craft glue. Use feathers to create a masquerade mask with a more elegant feel or use brightly coloured feathers for a mask that is a little more funky. Use materials such as felt, silk flowers, ribbon, small bits of decorative paper or even candy wrappers for a mask that is unique. Search your home for materials you can recycle to decorate your masquerade mask such as old clothing you can recycle the fabric from or old pieces of jewellery you don't mind using the beads from.

Creature Mask Themes

Base your masquerade mask design on a creature, either real or fictional. Animals make a convenient choice for masquerade mask decorating inspiration. Pictures of animals are simple enough to find either on the Internet or in books at the library. The pictures can then be used as a road map for decorating your mask. You can use materials that closely resemble the feel of the animal your are basing your mask off of, such as faux fur fabrics, or use materials that only help you re-create a pattern, such as glitter to create the stripes of a tiger. Monsters, angels, devils and jesters are also options for decorating a masquerade mask with a creature as your inspiration.

Non-Creature Mask Themes

You don't need to base your masquerade mask design on a creature for it to turn out beautifully. Decorate your masquerade mask using your favourite season as the inspiration. Use silk flowers for spring, silk leaves for fall or make your own felt snowflakes for winter. Don't have a favourite season, then base your mask design on your favourite holiday such as Christmas, Valentine's Day or even St. Patrick's Day. Need another non-creature mask idea? Go to the fabric store and fine a fabric you find appealing. Purchase a small piece of the fabric and re-create the design of the fabric on your mask with glitter, beads or even small pieces of paper.

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