Activities & Games for a Christian Ladies Meeting

Updated April 17, 2017

Activities at a Christian ladies' meeting should reflect the ethics and values of the Christian faith. Games and activities that serve as ice breakers encourage communication. This will help meeting attendees get to know each other. If those attending the meeting are comfortable with each other, they will feel more at ease introducing ideas as well.


Find common ground to help break the ice, suggests website On a blackboard, dry erase board or poster board, write a variety of things women at the meeting may have in common. This could include items like "This is my hometown," "I am a mother," "I have siblings," and "I enjoy cooking." Give each woman several index cards and have them write three things about three other women that they have in common. Finding common ground with others encourages empathy and solidarity within the group.

Candy Tell All

A silly but fun way to encourage group members to get to know each other is to seat all the women around a table, or in a circle on the floor, and present them with a bag of candy. Pass the bag around so each woman can take as many pieces as she wants. After everyone has taken a share, go around the circle and ask each woman to introduce herself. After she does, she must count how many candies she took and share one thing about herself for each candy. This encourages trust within the group as each person opens up to the other members. This game is a variant of one suggested at

Charity Bake Off

A game that will promote teamwork as well as community service is a cookie bake off. Divide the group into teams and provide each with the basic ingredients for cookie making, such as baking trays, flour, sugar and eggs, as well as items for decoration such as icing and chocolate chips. Give the women one hour to bake as many cookies as they can. At the end of the hour, the team with the most cookies wins. Donate all cookies to a local food pantry or soup kitchen.

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