DIN Flaring Tools

Updated March 24, 2017

The DIN is one of two types of flares found on international vehicle brake systems. The more commonly seen of the two is the SAE flare that is in use on all Asian and American automotive brake systems, but the European DIN, or bubble flare, is now appearing in all other countries.


This universal brake pipe flaring tool produces not only DIN flares, but those required by both Rolls-Royce and Citroen as well. This model flaring tool is vice-mounted and does not require any adjusting. The Ultra-light pipe flaring tool is available in sizes that range from 0.18-inch to 0.5-inch. Pipe positioning is automatic with this model, which weighs 5.44 Kilogram and is offered in various colours. The slightly larger, but very similar model, the Universal-Light, weights 7.03 Kilogram.


This flaring tool is similar to both the Ultra-light and the Universal-Light models, but has been designed for extra durability. The Universal-Heavy produces not only DIN flares, but the special flares for Rolls Royce and Citroen. This flaring tool has been designed for the slightly larger flares, of 0.5-inch diameter, but can be used on the smaller 0.18-inch flares as well. The weight of the Universal-Heavy, which is vice mounted, is just under 4.54 Kilogram. There is automatic pipe positioning in this model.


This flanging tool boasts similar features to the Universal-Heavy, Ultra-Light and Universal-Light models, but has the added advantage of being lever-operated, which adds to its speed. The Semi-Automatic flange tool can be vice-mounted, but should preferably be bench-mounted. The weight of this model is 9.07 Kilogram.


This large flanging tool weighs in at 9.98 Kilogram and should ideally be bolted onto a sturdy workbench. The Automatic flanging tool incorporates a feature that allows for the automatic line up, clamping and release of the pipe. This flanging tool is capable of producing pipes within fifteen seconds.


A large flaring tool at 9.98 Kilogram, this model has been designed to produce flares for fuel lines, power steering pipes and vehicle brake pipes. The General flanging tool has been purpose-designed to handle heavy duty work.

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