Spooky Halloween Ghost Stories for Children

Updated July 19, 2017

Halloween involves the celebration of all things spooky and macabre. Aside from the trick-or-treating and traditional games your kids enjoy, nothing makes the festivities more complete than some good old-fashioned ghost stories. Make your Halloween extra creepy with a few classic ghost stories heard around many a campfire at night.

The Green Ribbon

A long time ago, a man fell in love with a mysterious and beautiful woman and asked her to marry him. She accepted and the two were wed. After a time, the man began to notice that his wife never took off a green ribbon tied tightly around her neck. One day he asked his wife why he had never seen her without the green ribbon around her neck. She simply replied, "Don't ask again and I won't have to tell you why." At that reply the man's curiosity only grew stronger. One night, while his wife slept beside him, he decided to uncover the mystery. He took a pair of scissors and snipped off the green ribbon. Instantly, his wife's head rolled off the side of the pillow. She cried out, "My ribbon! My green ribbon!"

Where's My Liver?

Jimmy's mother sent him off to the store to collect some liver for a special dinner she was making. Along the way, Jimmy was called to play baseball by his friends, the lost track of time; when the game ended, all the stores had closed. Jimmy knew his mother would be furious if he didn't bring back a liver. But where was he to get liver aside from the stores? So Jimmy decided to dig up a body from the graveyard and steal a liver, taking it back home with him. Once home, he noticed everyone had left. Jimmy went to his room with the liver in tow. Not long after, he heard a thud. He thought it was merely his parents returning home. Jimmy listened. "Where's my liver?" he heard. The same question was asked with every new thud: "Where's my liver?" The sound continued to get closer until Jimmy, huddled under his bed, saw the door of his room open and a dead man walk in. "You've got my liver!" the dead man yelled before taking back his stolen organ.

Three Licks and You're Dead

A very old woman loved her dog, Spot. Every night she would leave her hands dangling from the bed and Spot would come lick them three times. One night, the old lady awoke from her sleep after hearing a dripping noise coming from the bathroom. Though worried at first, Spot came and comforted her with his three licks on her fingers. The lady closed her eyes only to open them again hearing the dripping sound. She reached down and felt Spot's tongue on her hand. She felt comforted and tried to go back to bed. After hearing the sound a third time, she reached down and felt for her dog. Spot no longer there, she went to the bathroom to investigate the dripping noise. To her horror, she saw Spot dead in the sink, his blood dripping down onto the floor. Written on the bathroom mirror in blood was this message: "Humans can lick, too!"

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