Unique Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Written by francine juhasz
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Unique Gifts for Men Who Have Everything
Unique gifts for men can be both interesting and extravagant. (gifts image by Horticulture from Fotolia.com)

Men who seem to have everything appreciate gifts if they are objects they have never seen before. Chances are they will also turn a favourable eye on unique gifts that are highly creative or advanced versions of what they already have. With careful thought and a look at what the market has to offer, you can find a gift for that man who "has it all."

Waterproof Pool Table

If the man in your life has everything, chances are he also has a swimming pool. A gift for outdoor fun in a swimming pool is a waterproof pool table. The table floats in the middle of the pool and players can swim to it from all sides to play.

This gift can give pleasure to your man as he sports with his friends and shows off his new gift to the entire neighbourhood.

These extravagant floating pool tables are custom-made in any colour you choose. The fabric used does not fade and all materials are not only waterproof, they are also weatherproof for all seasons. Prices begin around £4,550.

If your budget is strained, consider a floating pool pong table. Your man can remain cool in his pool as he plays ping pong with his friends or his children. A floating pool pong table will bring your man enjoyment for months or for years. Prices start at less than £65.

Transparent Canoe-Kayak

For the active, sporty man, another gift that can make his eyes light up is a transparent canoe-kayak. This is a unique two-seater hybrid with a polymer hull that is transparent. This gift offers your man an underwater view as he paddles or fishes in rivers or in calm waters along an ocean beach for years to come.

The unique materials used make this canoe sturdy, for they are the same materials used to make the cockpit canopies of supersonic fighter jets. The frame is made of lightweight aluminium, making it easy for one man to carry.

Perhaps best of all, this transparent canoe-kayak is eye-catching. It gives your man an opportunity to show that he has just about everything to friends and strangers alike (see References 2).

Levitating Hover Scooter

A levitating hover scooter can awaken the dream life in your man. The scooter is an actual transportation gadget that will lift your man several inches off the ground. This gift will give him the sensation that he is in a flying saucer he can guide safely with two handlebars.

The levitating scooter offers a truly unique experience. The lift off the ground is gentle, and a stream of air from the back of the scooter propels it horizontally. If your man is not the sporty type, he will enjoy the ease and the speed at which he learns how to navigate his "flying saucer."

Once in the air, all he needs to do is lean to the left or the right to guide the flying scooter. And if he wants to go faster (up to a speed of 15mph), all he has to do is lean backwards. The scooter is also easy to stop. It lands over a distance of 20 feet, making the landing gentle and easy to control.

This unique gift is one your man most probably will love to show off to his friends and acquaintances. Assembly is easy and the scooter runs on a 12v battery. A training video is part of the package. You can give your man who thought he had it all this unique gift for around £8,450 (see Reference 3).

A Piece of the United States

If you have only around £13 or £16 to spend, one possibility is giving your man a personalised deed to 1 square inch of land in each and every of the 50 states. Many men love to own land. The idea that your man is holding a deed to property in 50 states can give him a unique experience of power for a little investment on your part.

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