50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts From Children

Updated November 29, 2017

A golden wedding anniversary is a milestone among milestones. Traditional gifts for the celebrating couple include gold, emeralds and daylilies. While it's possible to come up with some unique twists on these themes, the 50th anniversary is so momentous that gifts from children to their parents should be both appropriate and personal.

Anniversary Party

An anniversary party is the opportunity for adult children to celebrate their parents with their extended family and close family friends. Parties can be kept intimate and held at someone's home, or as elaborate as a second wedding reception with dozens of guests, complete with a wedding-style anniversary cake, dancing and decorations in a rented hall. Either type of celebration requires detailed planning and thoughtful elements such as poster-size reproductions of the couple's wedding photos.


A trip, while costly, can be the ultimate anniversary gift for parents who enjoy travel and are still able to do it. Cruises are one option often enjoyed by older couples. Choose a new destination, or plan for them to revisit someplace they haven't been in years. If there's a country or city they never quite made it to in all their years of travel, provide round-trip airline tickets, lodging and a nice meal or cultural event. Expenses can be divided among siblings to make the gift more manageable.

Dinner Cruise

A dinner cruise is an option for couples who live close to a city on the ocean, a river or a lake, where dinner cruises on yachts are common. Coastal California, Chicago, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia are just a few of the places where you can book dinner cruises. It's a romantic evening out on the town, with a gourmet meal, live entertainment and lovely views.

Tree Donation

A tree planted in honour of 50 years of marriage has special meaning when given to a couple by their children. It can be a good choice for philanthropic parents or those who enjoy nature. Many communities have their own tree-planting programs, so you may be able to have a tree planted at your parents' favourite local park for them to visit on their daily stroll. The Arbor Day Foundation provides a way to donate trees.

Family Portrait

A professional family portrait, including the couple's children, their spouses and grandchildren, is a gift that demonstrates all that the marriage has created. Presenting such a portrait is a token of gratitude as well as a celebratory gift. Purchase two portrait sessions: one for the children and their families, to present as a gift, and a second to include the anniversary couple sometime after the celebration.

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