Cornrow Extension Styles

Written by lanae carr | 13/05/2017
Cornrow Extension Styles
Teenagers frequently sport cornrow extensions braided backward. (beautiful Asian girl with braids image by Gina Smith from

Cornrow extensions are a hairstyle worn by many African-American women seeking a break from daily styling. Depending on how they are braided, cornrows can last anywhere from a week to a month. Cornrows are an appropriate choice for warm weather when the humidity can leave your hair unpredictable. Choose a cornrow design that is appropriate and matches your personality.

Small Children

Young girls wear an array of different hairstyles. Ponytails with barrettes, small afros and twists are just a few of the available options. If you are looking for a cornrow extension hairstyle for a young girl, choose to braid her hair into ponytails with fringe. Trim her fringe so that they don't hang too far into her face. If your child has long hair, you can create a single braid off the side of her forehead so that it frames her face, but is not directly in her eyes. If your child is very active, create smaller braids as they tend to last longer.


Teenagers undergoing an experimental phase may want to try mixing colour in with their cornrow extensions. Encourage more subtle colour like shades of dark and medium brown to create a dynamic contrast. Two creative options exist for teen braids. The first is cornrow extensions directly backwards away from the face. The second requires the use of a professional stylist. Create a braided design above the ear. Zig-zags, waves or even heart shapes are stylish choices for this age group. For added shine, spray the completed braids with oil sheen spray.


Women in the workplace have limited options when it comes to cornrow hairstyles. Braiding the hair into two horizontal rows is probably the best option as it allows you to pull your hair up into a bun if needed. Create a part at the front of your hair to the left or right side of your head before beginning the top row of your cornrow braids. Colour choices for adults should include dark browns, if used at all. Keep extensions short or shoulder length unless your natural hair is long.

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